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Graduation Information

Graduation Requirements

The following guidelines have been established to encourage all students to achieve to their fullest potential.  The have also been established to contribute to the overall significance and importance of the true meaning of high school graduation.

1.  All students must meet complete course requirements for the Advanced Diploma, the General Diploma, or the Certificate of Achievement.
a.  complete requirements include correct course and credit requirements as established by Alberta Education.
b.   having met these requirements, all students must also have a minimum of 50% in each course currently being taken in the second semester or not yet completed from the first semester.
c.   students must have completed and passed the appropriate Religion Courses for each year of attendance at St. Michael's.
d.   Students using distance learning, work experience, or special projects must have first semester courses completed by January 31, and full year courses 75% complete and second semester courses 50% complete by the mid-point of the second semester.  Confirmation of the course work completed is the responsibility of the student and must be made with the Principal.

2.  Although these requirements are continually reviewed each year by the administrative staff in conjunction with individual students, it is the direct responsibility of the student and their parents to ensure that these requirements are being met.  School staff are available for individual student and/or parent consultation in this area.

3.  All students not meeting these requirements as of a date two weeks prior to the official graduation ceremonies will not be allowed to participate in these ceremonies.  School ceremonies include graduation mass, supper, exercises, grand march, and dance.

4.  The school administration reserves the right to evaluate any extenuating circumstances which may affect these requirements.

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